IMG_0371I am a curious and extroverted person. My family always said I was going to be a journalist, but I never really thought it would happen because I associated journalism with being a reporter on TV.

Even as I discovered a love of news via newspapers, the growth of digital media opened my eyes to other ways of producing and sharing news. It became clear journalism is the right path for me. I love trying new ways to share information and tell stories.

My idea of “story” has evolved as I have gained more experience in journalism — whether it be covering a breaking news story for my campus newspaper or doing research on a long-term piece for an internship.

I have found my passion in the integration of reporting and multimedia. I love telling others’ stories, while adding my own twist on it with a video, a map or even simply promotion on social media. I hope to find a job in which I do not feel pigeonholed into just one area of expertise and can utilize my skills to produce well-rounded content.

Feedback, suggestions, comments, inquiries and discoveries are all welcome here.

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