Going to pop punk concerts pays off – literally

The Wonder Years Pop / Rock $18.71
Beyoncé RB / Soul $115.31
Say Anything Pop / Rock $19.79
Twenty One Pilots Pop / Rock $23.74
Fall Out Boy Pop / Rock $39.71

One of these things is not like the others.

Statistics from the website Pollstar show how awesomely cheap tickets are in the Pop/Rock genre – especially the pop punk bands I’ve selected. Browse through that site and check out some of your favorite bands to see where they fall.

I think the most I’ve ever paid for a ticket to a show is $50 for Warped Tour. And that’s a full day, more than a three hour concert, with the possibility to see a ton of bands. I usually knock out at least six each summer I go. So the price is well worth it, and it’s still half the price of a Beyoncé concert.

The only other time I’ve had to shell out a little bit more for a show is for a VIP package which comes with exclusive merch and privileges along with the ticket. Always well worth it. Whereas some fans dole out $100+ just to sit in the nosebleed seats of a Taylor Swift concert.

“Ticket prices are high because people are willing to pay that much for a big show, and if they were not we would not get such elaborate shows in the first place,” according to an Arts Journal article. So hey, I guess I’m just happy that the bands I like aren’t as in demand. They still sell out larger venues – maybe not arenas – but decently-sized places.

As a lover and maybe even a self-admitted addict of live music, the amount of money I’ve paid for the amount of shows I’ve been able to see in the past few years has been awesome. I saw my favorite band, The Wonder Years, for three nights in a row (super close to the stage too) for just $50.

I can’t even imagine how much it would cost to be front row for three nights of One Direction. Let alone how much it would cost to meet them.

Moreover, the experience of seeing a band live is such an integral part of being a fan – to me. It saddens me to know that there are bands and artists that mean just as much to other people as my bands do to me, and yet they’re much more financially unattainable.

Maybe it’s the scene itself that adds to that. The catharsis of going to a pop punk show. As much as I love “Drunk in Love” – I don’t think seeing it live would emotionally affect me the same way “I Just Want to Sell Out My Funeral” has. There isn’t the same emotional connection (I may be wrong though) with the more commercial, and thus, more expensive pop music.

And according to an article from Consequence of Sound, Queen B doesn’t even crack the top 15. So if you’re a fan of any of these bands either start saving now, or start listening to some cheaper artists. I can’t imagine the financial misery the fans of these bands must experience.

Most Expensive Tours:
01. Fleetwood Mac – $307.78
02. Maroon 5 – $279.42
03. Taylor Swift – $262.85
04. Neil Diamond – $261.33
05. Chris Brown & Trey Songz – $258.70
06. U2 – $256.93
07. Bob Seger – $251.57
08. The Who – $250.59
09. One Direction – $223.01
10. Kenny Chesney – $185.11
11. 5 Seconds of Summer – $179.30
12. Ariana Grande – $178.30
13. Meghan Trainor – $169.80
14. Iggy Azalea and Nick Jonas – $167.19
15. Foo Fighters – $164.12

6 Pop Punk Links – Spring brings new music

-POP (2)

I feel like the past few weeks, and weeks to come, are just so full of new music and tours. There are so many awesome anticipated albums coming up in the next few months. I’m pretty excited.

1 – Alternative Press: twenty one pilots are releasing vinyl the shape of Ohio

This is cool. And I don’t understand a whole lot about vinyl, but I wonder how it works that it’s not a perfect circle.

2 – Property of Zack: Say Anything Hebrews Tour with Modern Baseball, Cymbals Eat Guitars, Hard Girls

This is a super exciting opportunity for Modern Baseball. This just goes to show the amount of attention they’ve been getting lately had paid off in being invited to tour with a bigger band like Say Anything. I still haven’t decided if their sounds are really that similar, but it’s still awesome to see the two together on tour.

3 – Alter the Press: Panic! at the Disco part ways with drummer Spencer Smith

I actually wrote a blog post about this with some more details about the history of the band’s lineup. It’s super sad to see Spencer go, but at this point it was pretty much expected and accepted by the fans. Still weird to see Urie be the only original member left.

4 – Under the Gun Review: Four Year Strong announce self-titled record

There was some fan speculation that this was the case in my last link post, but now we’ve officially gotten it confirmed that Four Year Strong is going to be putting out a new record this year. I’m counting down the days until June 2.

5 – Alternative Press: twenty one pilots release video for exuberant new single, “Tear In My Heart”

I like this a lot better than the other single they released a little while ago, “Fairly Local.” But with twenty one pilots, you never know if one song is going to sound like the rest. So I’m getting more and more excited to hear the rest of their album.

6 – Pure Noise Records: The Story So Far Streams New Single

TSSF have been killing it with the singles they’ve been releasing from their upcoming album. I absolutely love “Nerve” and “Solo.” Almost a month away from this release, and – sorry to sound like a broken record – I can’t wait.

Spencer Smith announces permanent leave from Panic! at the Disco, leaving one original member

As of this morning, the pop punk band Panic! at the Disco announced that their drummer, Spencer Smith, who had been taking a leave of absence already, will be leaving the band permanently. The announcement was issued in the form of a letter from Smith himself, citing all of the great memories and experiences he had through his long time with the band.

While sad, this was a long time coming, due to Smith’s struggle with addiction he announced in 2013. He attempted to continue touring for a while, but eventually Brendon Urie, the band’s frontman, announced that the touring environment was not conducive to Smith’s recovery and that’d he’d be leaving for a while.

Well today, that “for a while” just became “forever.” “This was not an easy decision to come to, but after a lot of thinking it became clear that this is what’s right for me and the band,” Smith wrote.

If you’ve been a huge fan since the start like me, Smith’s letter is worth a read (and probably will result in a few tears.)

Past and present members. (via Wikipedia)

Past and present members. (via Wikipedia)

Panic has been through a lot in terms of line up changes. In 2009, Ryan Ross and Jon Walker left the band citing creative differences. The two moved onto a side project called The Young Veins and both did some solo work, but nothing ever as prolific as Panic.

This leaves Urie as the only original band member – the original line-up being Urie, Ross, Walker and Smith. Urie wasn’t even supposed to be in the band in the first place. Part of the reason Ross and Walker left was Urie had started to overshadow Ross as a vocalist.

Is it even the same band anymore? Their sound definitely changed immensely between Pretty. Odd. (the last album with Ross and Walker on it) and Vices & Virtues (which saw the addition of bassist Dallon Weekes, who eventually became a permanent member). Which makes sense, given the tension that had built between the two halves of the band.

It’ll be interesting to see what Urie and Weekes produce going forward, if anything.

My sixth grade self (and maybe 19-year-old self) weeps.

Here's a nice band member timeline from Wikipedia.

Here’s a nice band member timeline from Wikipedia.

6 Pop Punk Links – Lots of announcements pertaining to music

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This past week there were quite a lot of exciting announcements. Festivals, albums and tours – oh my! (I’ll see myself out now.)

1 – Property of Zack: Warped Tour announces seven more bands

More Warped Tour bands!!! As the summer gets closer and closer, more (relevant) bands are announced and it gets more exciting. I feel like the lineup always starts with a big headliner or two, along with a bunch of smaller bands. And then as it approaches they start to release the more middle-tier bands.

2 –Absolute Punk: Fans Report In: Four Year Strong Finish New Album

I LOVE THIS BAND. All of their previous albums have been awesome – including their most recent EP, Go Down in History. As I tweeted, they can do no wrong. I’ve loved every song they’ve put out and their albums just have hard-hitting song after song.

3 – Funeral Sounds: Can You Separate Art From Artist?

This was an interesting article that I don’t quite know has an answer. Especially in light of stories like Bright Eyes’ or Front Porch Step, it’s hard to know how to feel about certain artists.

4 – F*ck Yeah Pop Punk: blink-182 Talk About New Album, Possible Tour With A Day To Remember

Even though blink-182 has gone through its share of problems of the past few weeks, it’s cool to see they’re still moving forward and making plans for the future.

5 – Property of Zack: Lollapalooza announces 2015 Lineup

I wish I lived closer to all of these awesome festivals that are being announced.

6 – Absolute Punk: All Time Low’s new song “Tidal Waves” (featuring Mark Hoppus) has hit YouTube

All Time Low is playing in Bethlehem soon and I want to go see them. I’m really excited for their new album to come out soon and it’s cool to see them collaborating with Mark Hoppus, of blink-182.

Throwback: Passing Through a Screen Door

When I saw this tweet on my timeline earlier this week, I was quite surprised that it’s been this long since this song came out. It doesn’t even feel like a throwback. I haven’t gotten sick of it yet. But I guess it makes sense, seeing as The Upsides, the band’s sophomore album, celebrated its five year anniversary two months ago.

Game time.

A photo posted by Dan Campbell (@broompeople) on

TWY is currently working on recording their fifth official (so to speak) album. I feel like they just came out with The Greatest Generation, but this made me realize that it’s been almost two years – the album was released in May of 2013. Maybe it hasn’t even sunk in yet for me that’s it’s 2015.

I remember when it came out, I remember listening to it in my dad’s car. I remember listening to it while on a family vacation abroad. It was the only album I had downloaded to my phone and since I was out of the country I couldn’t get anything else. So I just listened to it over and over again and fell in love.

They have a lot to live up to in the future, following the success of The Greatest Generation. The first week sales more than doubled the sales of Suburbia I’ve Given You All and Now I’m Nothing, with a total of 19,673 copies sold. These sales placed the album at #20 on Billboard’s Top 200 chart.

So yes, maybe it’s been two years since “Passing Through a Screen Door,” but there’s more excitement to come for the band in the future.

Celebrate (belatedly) by watching the music video.

6 Pop Punk Links – twenty one pilots, Blink-182, Transit and more

-POP (2)

1 – Alter the Press: Echosmith Announce Fall Tour with twenty one pilots

I wrote about twenty one pilots earlier this week and it’s exciting to see them finally having a tour to themselves. It’s awesome that they’re going international and aren’t just opening for Fall Out Boy anymore.

2 – Property of Zack: Warped Tour announces five more bands

I’ve gone to Warped Tour the past three summers. It’s an awesome, fun day and I always get weird tan lines. While some may see it as immature or teenage (hey, I’m still 19) – it’s an insanely good deal.

The amount of bands I can say I’ve seen because of Warped Tour is huge. I usually see between 6-8 each year. And they don’t have to be bands you love that you’d buy tickets to individually (aka NeverShoutNever). The Wonder Years are playing again this year which I’m stoked for.

3 – Funeral Sounds: Transit @ TCNJ’s Cub Rat, Ewing, New Jersey / 03.13.2015

Awesome photos from a band I’d really like to get into more.

4 – Alternative Press: Blink-182 “feels like home,” says Matt Skiba
5 – Alternative Press: Watch Blink-182’s first show with Matt Skiba

It’s really weird seeing a band that was the same three members for so long just suddenly keep going when one of them leaves – and not amicably. You be the judge if Skiba is a good enough replacement.

6 – Funeral Sounds: Interview Questions You Should Never Ask

As an aspiring journalist, these questions you shouldn’t ask a band were quite eye opening. It’s honest about the answers you’re looking for and the truth of the answers you’re going to get.

Band spotlight: twenty one pilots – new single “Fairly Local” off Blurryface

Photo taken by me when I saw twenty one pilots in Brooklyn on September 7, 2013.

Photo taken by me when I saw twenty one pilots in Brooklyn on September 7, 2013.

While not quite really a pop punk band, I’d like to dedicate this post to talking about the band twenty one pilots.

They’re associated with a lot of bands in the genre and my interest in pop punk is how I found out about them. They opened for Fall Out Boy along with Panic! at the Disco when I saw them back in 2013. (And I actually wasn’t that into them then.)

My sister and I have really been into them lately. Then almost as if it were meant to be, this week they released the single “Fairly Local” off their upcoming album Blurryface. AND they announced a world tour.

So I’m not a huge fan of the single. But I’m still super excited for the album because they’re a band that does not have a homogenous sound. This song may be completely different from the rest of the songs.

Their first two albums, Twenty One Pilots and Vessel, especially Vessel, have quite a large range of songs. Songs like “House of Gold” (quiet, ukulele) sound like a completely different band compared to “Car Radio” and “Ode to Sleep” (synth, rapping).

I guess what I like about the band isn’t necessarily a set genre of music or an expected type of song throughout an entire album. I like what they do and the passion they put into it and that shows in their music, no matter what it sounds like.

Here are a couple of helpful tumblr posts if you’re still trying to figure out what genre they are.



Check out the song and the music video below:

Music as a career (with the help of Bandcamp)

A Property of Zack blog post caught my eye the other day regarding the amount of money the website Bandcamp has paid out to artists.

Established in 2007, Bandcamp allows musicians to share their music and possibly generate revenue, of which Bandcamp takes a percentage.

My impression of Bandcamp is I remember all of the really indie kids in my high school would post their music on there, they still do. It’s an easy way to promote music and give people an easy way to listen to it (for free) or download it if they’d like.

As of now, the site has paid out over $100 million to artists. I was pretty astounded by this. I’d heard of it, but I didn’t think it was really benefiting artists this greatly. I thought some lower tier bands were maybe getting thrown a couple of bucks for some demos and that was it.

But then I remembered that Modern Baseball, which is a pretty major band in the pop punk scene (even though they’re not quite pop punk, just associated with a lot of pop punk bands), has a Bandcamp page. It’s the first thing that comes up when you search their name.

So it’s actually pretty cool to realize that a site like this is helping bands that I listen to and many many more. They have $3.5 million in sales per month and has proved to be more effective in getting money directly to artist than larger companies like Spotify.

A photo posted by Dan Campbell (@broompeople) on

This reminded me of a conversation I had with my dad about whether or not bands we liked could live comfortably. I’ve spent time trying to figure this out from Tweets and Instagram posts. (Does their apartment look nice?) Or when Soupy from TWY posted about having to live in Richie’s basement to pursue his career, I was a little surprised.

For the bands I care about I always make sure that I pay for their product because I know that it’s going to their livelihoods. Music, especially the less commercial scene, is hard to break into and it’s sweet to see sites like this lending a hand.

6 Pop Punk Links – Post Concert Depression

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Gotten home from an amazing concert after counting down to it for months? You might find yourself with a rather empty feeling along with the ringing in your ears. Here are six articles to help you get over that post concert depression.

1 – Alternative Press: The 9 Phases Of Post-Concert Depression

You have to be able to recognize the phases before you treat your sad, sad condition.

2 – Thought Catalog: Don’t Stop the Music: A Guide To Post Concert Depression

This article also helps you learn about the various phases and outlines how to tackle each one. Makes a great point at the end as to why we get this dreaded PCD.

3 – Avec Amour, Mari: 5 Ways To Prepare For Your Concert And 5 Ways To Get Rid of Post Concert Depression

The build-up and the ultimate downfall, this piece teaches how to make the best of both.

4 – fallenevanfan: Post-Concert Depression Syndrome

“It should be noted that multiple concerts in a short period of time can increase the impending outbreak of PCDS exponentially, so care should be taken when attending concerts close together with large breaks in between.” I absolutely fell victim to this caveat of PCD when I attended The Wonder Years 10 Year Anniversary shows three nights in a row.

5 – Blast Out Your Stereo: Slurpee Girl Says: How To Deal With Post-Concert Depression

Still looking for more ways to cope with PCD? This article has them.

6 – Pop Punk World: 10 Ways to Cope With Post Concert Depression 

Here’s someone else’s take with more tips on how to get over the end of the best night of your life. My weapon of choice is saving up to buy more tickets and have another concert to look forward to. I always like having a concert in my line-up that I can start getting excited for when another one has just ended. Maybe it’s an addiction, but I don’t care.

Anyone else have some different tips?

Ice Day Playlist

If you live close to where I do, you’re probably aware that the weather has not been so great lately. So today, as I blog from my cozy bed, I give you a playlist of some cool pop punk songs that revolve around this theme just generally dismal weather.

There’s songs about bad weather…

1 – Runnin’ Scared // Aaron West and the Roaring Twenties

This song is the point in the concept album We Don’t Have Each Other where the main character is driving south to Georgia. Lots of lyrics about the cold weather and sleeping in the back of his freezing car.

Lyric: I keep thinking / That I’ll feel better when it’s warmer across state lines. / Now I’m scraping ice off of the windshield with a piece of broken taillight.

2 – Hoodie Weather // The Wonder Years

Let the title speak for itself – although I think it’s a little more than hoodie weather right now.

Lyric: It smells like it should be snowing / And I’ve been frequenting a diner on Main Street

Anchor Down – Real Friends

3 – Anchor Down // Real Friends

Actually making me feel pretty thankful that I don’t live in Chicago. My 37 degrees right now is balmy compared to their feels like 9.

Lyric: I don’t really think / That I’m ready / For another Chicago winter / So you can stop making my bones feel cold

Snowy music videos…

4 – Grand Theft Autumn/Where Is Your Boy // Fall Out Boy

Watch here. It’s the most early 2000’s thing I’ve ever watched.

Ice-related covers…

5 – Ice Box (Omarian cover) // There for Tomorrow

This is what comes up when you Google “ice” and “pop punk.” It’s kinda hilarious because I remember what the original song sounds like, but they do a good job turning it into a pop punk cover.

Lyric: I got this icebox where my heart used to be / I’m so cold

Icy lyrics…

6 – Seventy Times 7 // Brand New + Taking Back Sunday // There’s No ‘I’ In Team

Both songs share the same lyric which apparently was taken from an actual phone call between the two lead singers. “And is that what you call tact? / You’re as subtle as a brick in the small of my back. / So let’s end this call, and end this conversation.”

There’s also a nice ice lyric in Seventy Times 7: Have another drink and drive yourself home. / I hope there’s ice on all the roads.

And what I wish we had right now.

7 – Wasting Time (Eternal Summer) // Four Year Strong

I’ve also added some songs to the end of the playlist that I’ve gotten via recommendations from Reddit. Comment here if you have any suggestions – I’ll be updating the playlist throughout the day. Happy listening and stay warm!