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This past week there were quite a lot of exciting announcements. Festivals, albums and tours – oh my! (I’ll see myself out now.)

1 – Property of Zack: Warped Tour announces seven more bands

More Warped Tour bands!!! As the summer gets closer and closer, more (relevant) bands are announced and it gets more exciting. I feel like the lineup always starts with a big headliner or two, along with a bunch of smaller bands. And then as it approaches they start to release the more middle-tier bands.

2 –Absolute Punk: Fans Report In: Four Year Strong Finish New Album

I LOVE THIS BAND. All of their previous albums have been awesome – including their most recent EP, Go Down in History. As I tweeted, they can do no wrong. I’ve loved every song they’ve put out and their albums just have hard-hitting song after song.

3 – Funeral Sounds: Can You Separate Art From Artist?

This was an interesting article that I don’t quite know has an answer. Especially in light of stories like Bright Eyes’ or Front Porch Step, it’s hard to know how to feel about certain artists.

4 – F*ck Yeah Pop Punk: blink-182 Talk About New Album, Possible Tour With A Day To Remember

Even though blink-182 has gone through its share of problems of the past few weeks, it’s cool to see they’re still moving forward and making plans for the future.

5 – Property of Zack: Lollapalooza announces 2015 Lineup

I wish I lived closer to all of these awesome festivals that are being announced.

6 – Absolute Punk: All Time Low’s new song “Tidal Waves” (featuring Mark Hoppus) has hit YouTube

All Time Low is playing in Bethlehem soon and I want to go see them. I’m really excited for their new album to come out soon and it’s cool to see them collaborating with Mark Hoppus, of blink-182.

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