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Gotten home from an amazing concert after counting down to it for months? You might find yourself with a rather empty feeling along with the ringing in your ears. Here are six articles to help you get over that post concert depression.

1 – Alternative Press: The 9 Phases Of Post-Concert Depression

You have to be able to recognize the phases before you treat your sad, sad condition.

2 – Thought Catalog: Don’t Stop the Music: A Guide To Post Concert Depression

This article also helps you learn about the various phases and outlines how to tackle each one. Makes a great point at the end as to why we get this dreaded PCD.

3 – Avec Amour, Mari: 5 Ways To Prepare For Your Concert And 5 Ways To Get Rid of Post Concert Depression

The build-up and the ultimate downfall, this piece teaches how to make the best of both.

4 – fallenevanfan: Post-Concert Depression Syndrome

“It should be noted that multiple concerts in a short period of time can increase the impending outbreak of PCDS exponentially, so care should be taken when attending concerts close together with large breaks in between.” I absolutely fell victim to this caveat of PCD when I attended The Wonder Years 10 Year Anniversary shows three nights in a row.

5 – Blast Out Your Stereo: Slurpee Girl Says: How To Deal With Post-Concert Depression

Still looking for more ways to cope with PCD? This article has them.

6 – Pop Punk World: 10 Ways to Cope With Post Concert Depression 

Here’s someone else’s take with more tips on how to get over the end of the best night of your life. My weapon of choice is saving up to buy more tickets and have another concert to look forward to. I always like having a concert in my line-up that I can start getting excited for when another one has just ended. Maybe it’s an addiction, but I don’t care.

Anyone else have some different tips?

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