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A quick recap of some good reads and newsworthy articles from this past week.

1 – The Key: Came out Swinging | Celebrating 10 years of The Wonder Years and the fans that got them there

Still having post concert(s) depression, this piece recapping The Wonder Years shows from a few weeks ago was cool. It brought back the memories and had a lot of great photos from the weekend.

2 – Stereogum: Tom DeLonge Says He’s Had Contact With Aliens And He’s In Danger Because Of What He Knows

And just when I thought the drama going on with blink-182 couldn’t get any worse, it took a turn for the weird. Not quite sure what’s happening with Tom, but it seems like leaving the band made him go crazy, or maybe vice versa.

3 – Fortitude: Jump On Demand Records: A pop-punk & alt-rock haven

Even though it’s not even on this continent, I thought this was a really cool idea. I’d love to have a nearby store dedicated to pop punk and alternative music. Not just because of the ability to purchase stuff, but because of the kind of people it’d attract. It’s another way to bring the scene into real life and not just listening to music alone.

4 – Property of Zack: Sum 41 frontman writing with 5 Seconds Of Summer

I’m not really a fan of either of these bands, but these kinds of crossovers interest me. How do people like this even get connected and decide to work together? It’ll be neat to see what comes of it, especially because 5 Seconds of Summer have been on the fringe of pop punk and Sum 41 had much heavier music. I wonder if that will influence the collaboration.

5 – Newsday: Taking Back Sunday singer Adam Lazzara charged with DWI

It’s always sad to see things like this. Obviously musicians are people too, but it still is a bummer to have someone you respect have a little bit of a fall from grace. I saw Taking Back Sunday a few years on Warped Tour and Lazzara’s stage presence was amazing. I totally respect him as an entertainer, but it’s just sad to see mistakes like this be made.

6 – Inquire: Is Pop-Punk Dead?

A nice reflection in light of the recent blink-182 drama. They don’t need to carry the genre on their backs anymore – it has moved on and progressed without their help. Might be a sad idea, but all music changes and evolves, now it’s just their time to bow out gracefully, or not so gracefully.

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