6 Pop Punk Links – Spring brings new music

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I feel like the past few weeks, and weeks to come, are just so full of new music and tours. There are so many awesome anticipated albums coming up in the next few months. I’m pretty excited.

1 – Alternative Press: twenty one pilots are releasing vinyl the shape of Ohio

This is cool. And I don’t understand a whole lot about vinyl, but I wonder how it works that it’s not a perfect circle.

2 – Property of Zack: Say Anything Hebrews Tour with Modern Baseball, Cymbals Eat Guitars, Hard Girls

This is a super exciting opportunity for Modern Baseball. This just goes to show the amount of attention they’ve been getting lately had paid off in being invited to tour with a bigger band like Say Anything. I still haven’t decided if their sounds are really that similar, but it’s still awesome to see the two together on tour.

3 – Alter the Press: Panic! at the Disco part ways with drummer Spencer Smith

I actually wrote a blog post about this with some more details about the history of the band’s lineup. It’s super sad to see Spencer go, but at this point it was pretty much expected and accepted by the fans. Still weird to see Urie be the only original member left.

4 – Under the Gun Review: Four Year Strong announce self-titled record

There was some fan speculation that this was the case in my last link post, but now we’ve officially gotten it confirmed that Four Year Strong is going to be putting out a new record this year. I’m counting down the days until June 2.

5 – Alternative Press: twenty one pilots release video for exuberant new single, “Tear In My Heart”

I like this a lot better than the other single they released a little while ago, “Fairly Local.” But with twenty one pilots, you never know if one song is going to sound like the rest. So I’m getting more and more excited to hear the rest of their album.

6 – Pure Noise Records: The Story So Far Streams New Single

TSSF have been killing it with the singles they’ve been releasing from their upcoming album. I absolutely love “Nerve” and “Solo.” Almost a month away from this release, and – sorry to sound like a broken record – I can’t wait.

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