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I don’t really know what to call this week’s roundup. But I don’t feel like making another graphic, nor could I find a word to accurately describe what these are. They’re some fun links related to pop punk that I found and enjoyed this week. Happy March!

1 – Property of Zack: Death Cab For Cutie release “No Room In Frame”

Not really sure if I’d quite put Death Cab in the pop punk genre, definitely more alternative. But with this new album, who knows. I hadn’t heard about them for a long time and was excited to see that they’re putting something new out.

2 – Alternative Press: Watch State Champs’ new video for “If I’m Lucky”

I love State Champs – they’re an infectious band that can be put on repeat forever. I never get sick of them. And it’s awesome to see them getting the attention they deserve. It’s also a really cool video.

3 – Pop Punk World: The Maine announce Spring 2015 headliner ft. Real Friends, Knuckle Punk & The Technicolors

As I said when I tweeted this, I’ve really been meaning to get into Knuckle Punk. I’ve been hearing a lot about them and, especially with the announcement of this tour, it seems like they’re on the rise. I also love The Main and Real Friends, so this tour just seems really cool.

4 – F*ck Year Pop Punk: Real Friends Documentary

Speaking of Real Friends, they just released a short documentary, which I think is a super neat thing for a band to do. As a fan, I always love learning about the back stories of things and see how the band interacts off the stage. They seem like such down to earth guys and were hiding tickets to the documentary screening in Illinois, in Harry Potter books, in music stores, around the mall.

5 – Under the Gun: The Story So Far announce tour alongside Four Year Strong, Terror and Souvenirs

I LOVE Four Year Strong. I can’t remember if I’ve blogged yet about HOW MUCH I LOVE THEM. But they’re amazing live, probably my favorite band to see live. And I’ve seen The Story So Far before, and they put on a great show too. My only disappointment with this tour is that Four Year Strong isn’t the headliner. If they were, I’d absolutely be going.

6 – Consequence of Sound: Top 10 Music Festivals in North America: Winter 2015 Power Rankings

I’m not a big festival person – except for Warped Tour, because clearly I’m 12 years old. But it’s always cool to read about what festivals are going on and what assortment of bands are playing. Especially since the warmer months are approaching… Hopefully…

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