Band spotlight: twenty one pilots – new single “Fairly Local” off Blurryface

Photo taken by me when I saw twenty one pilots in Brooklyn on September 7, 2013.

Photo taken by me when I saw twenty one pilots in Brooklyn on September 7, 2013.

While not quite really a pop punk band, I’d like to dedicate this post to talking about the band twenty one pilots.

They’re associated with a lot of bands in the genre and my interest in pop punk is how I found out about them. They opened for Fall Out Boy along with Panic! at the Disco when I saw them back in 2013. (And I actually wasn’t that into them then.)

My sister and I have really been into them lately. Then almost as if it were meant to be, this week they released the single “Fairly Local” off their upcoming album Blurryface. AND they announced a world tour.

So I’m not a huge fan of the single. But I’m still super excited for the album because they’re a band that does not have a homogenous sound. This song may be completely different from the rest of the songs.

Their first two albums, Twenty One Pilots and Vessel, especially Vessel, have quite a large range of songs. Songs like “House of Gold” (quiet, ukulele) sound like a completely different band compared to “Car Radio” and “Ode to Sleep” (synth, rapping).

I guess what I like about the band isn’t necessarily a set genre of music or an expected type of song throughout an entire album. I like what they do and the passion they put into it and that shows in their music, no matter what it sounds like.

Here are a couple of helpful tumblr posts if you’re still trying to figure out what genre they are.

Check out the song and the music video below:

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