Liveblog of Yahoo! Live Against Me! show

Tonight, starting around 9:45 p.m. Yahoo! Live streaming a concert of the band, Against Me! I’ve never listened to them, but since they’re in the realm of punk I figured it’d be fun to check it out. Follow along below and participate on Twitter using the hashtag #YahooLive.

Samantha February 10, 201511:09 pm

That was a lot of fun. Awesome that Yahoo! Live does stuff like this and I enjoyed learning about Against Me! Thanks if you followed along.

Samantha February 10, 201511:08 pm

That’s a wrap. The band exits the stage.

Samantha February 10, 201511:08 pm

I’m not even a fan, but I love seeing how happy Grace looks on stage and with her fans – as someone who has faced so much adversity, it’s cool to see her come out the other side and be so successful.

Samantha February 10, 201511:07 pm

I forgot for a second that this was live. Pretty cool to think about awesome things like this happening right now all over the country.

Samantha February 10, 201511:07 pm

And there goes Grace into the crowd.

Samantha February 10, 201511:06 pm

Against Me! is not messing around with this encore. I have serious respect for bands that take their live shows this seriously.

Samantha February 10, 201511:03 pm

“My life is in a state of flux right now where I don’t really know where it’s going to come out on the other end. That’s terrifying” – Grace
Read more here on

Samantha February 10, 201510:59 pm

Grace addresses the fact that they’re streaming the show and to say hi to everyone on the Internet. Hi!

Samantha February 10, 201510:58 pm

Only Grace is on the stage now, singing and playing her guitar.

Samantha February 10, 201510:56 pm

“I have an unusually large soft spot in my heart for Louisville, Kentucky,” says Grace as they come out for an encore. “And I’m not saying that just because we’re in Kentucky.”

Samantha February 10, 201510:54 pm

I always wonder who thinks to start the “one more song” chant at shows.

Samantha February 10, 201510:54 pm

And that looks like it. Encore?

Samantha February 10, 201510:53 pm

It’s even cooler that she’s been able to continue with her career and even address her feelings and issues she encountered with her talent and music.

Samantha February 10, 201510:53 pm

Another cool piece on Grace’s coming out process and transition. She was a married father before she came out. That’s very hard to do and I have incredible respect for her:

Samantha February 10, 201510:46 pm

Seems like things are wrapping up, Grace is giving lots of thank yous to the venue, the fans, she hopes that everyone had a good time and that “everyone feels like they were a part of this.”

Samantha February 10, 201510:44 pm

Just a lady and two dudes with their instruments.

Samantha February 10, 201510:42 pm

“This is a song about cutting yourself out of poisonous people’s lives,” Grace says. Amen.

Samantha February 10, 201510:40 pm

It’s almost been an hour and they’re still plowing through songs strong. Gotta love bands who are about the music at shows, forget about the rest.

Samantha February 10, 201510:39 pm

Thanks to Twitter user @chernowa, found the song before about Grace’s gender dysphoria, the namesake of the band’s most recent album – Transgender Dysphoria Blues:

Samantha February 10, 201510:37 pm

Sitting here trying to think of who they remind me of.

Samantha February 10, 201510:29 pm

I feel like these lyrics are probably really awesome and relevant to Grace’s situation but I can’t make out what she’s saying, disappointing.

Samantha February 10, 201510:26 pm

“This is a song about gender,” Grace talks about supporting that everyone has a right to be who they want to be and that not everyone fits into the binary.

Samantha February 10, 201510:19 pm

“Very stoked to be here. Thank you so much for having us,” Grace says. They’re playing a song they don’t often play, Grace jokes that she can’t remember all the lyrics all the time.

Samantha February 10, 201510:14 pm

Looked like Grace was having a little mic/sound trouble a minute ago – had to do a quick sound check with the mic.

Samantha February 10, 201510:14 pm

For those interested in learning more about the lead singer, Grace, she was involved with a web series regarding her gender dysphoria and experience of coming out at age 31:

Samantha February 10, 201510:10 pm

Grace is encouraging the crowd to make sure “everyone has a space here and everyone feels welcome.” I love that kind of vibe at a show.

Samantha February 10, 201510:08 pm

I’m still enjoying them, but it’s all starting to sound repetitive to me at this point. But that might just be because I’m unfamiliar with their music. I’m sure for those who are fans it’s a great experience. And they’re really just powering through the songs – they’re gonna get a lot of material into this set. They have six albums so they certainly have enough material.

Samantha February 10, 201510:07 pm

I guess video can be deceiving, but this looks like a really cool venue. The stage is really nice. According to a quick search it’s 900-person capacity, which is a good size.

Samantha February 10, 201510:03 pm

I don’t know how she can see with all of that hair in her face. So punk rock.

Samantha February 10, 20159:59 pm

Grace says that she feels “f–cking fantastic.” She welcomes the crowd to the first night of their tour. They’re playing Mercury Ballroom in Louisville, Kentucky.

Samantha February 10, 20159:57 pm

As I’ve said, I’ve never listened to Against Me! but I’m enjoying it so far. Grace’s stage presence is great and the rest of the band and the crowd seem really into it.

Samantha February 10, 20159:57 pm

After doing some more research, she has undergone some therapy. According to Wikipedia (sorry, but it’s a good source for band info): “In May 2012 Grace publicly came out as transgender, having dealt with gender dysphoria since childhood, and began a transition to living as a woman by taking hormones, undergoing electrolysis treatments, and taking the name Laura Jane Grace.” (!)

Samantha February 10, 20159:55 pm

I’m not sure if Laura has gone through any kind of hormone therapy or anything else to help with her transition, but that doesn’t really matter. I think it’s so awesome how she totally blows up the gender norms in her performance. She’s a strong, talented woman even though she has a masculine sounding voice.

Samantha February 10, 20159:53 pm

The band finishes its first song and transitions right into the next. I love when they do that. Obviously I’m not familiar with these songs, but I know with the bands I like – I love how songs get paired together live.

Samantha February 10, 20159:52 pm

Having never heard of Against Me! before, I did some research. The lead singer is transgender, which is really cool. The band’s most recent album is called Transgender Dysphoria Blues. Read an interview with Laura Jane Grace regarding the band and her struggles here:

Samantha February 10, 20159:49 pm

The band takes the stage illuminated by very little light and greets the crowd in Kentucky.

Samantha February 10, 20159:48 pm

The venue is dark and only drums can be heard. Dramatic start.

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