Some more pop punk lists

-POP (2)Here are some more pop punk lists to help you expand your tastes or revisit some classics.

1 – Blast Out Your Stereo: 9 Essential Songs By Pop Punk Band The Wonder Years

For those who haven’t gotten tired of me going on and on about how wonderful (no pun intended) The Wonder Years are, this is a nice list of some of their songs. It’s not just the chart-toppers and offers a good variety if you’re interested in getting into them. It offers a sample of their growth and their varying sounds.

2 – Alternative Press: The 15 most expensive tours to see in 2015

While not really pop punk related, I thought this was interesting to see the insane prices people are willing to pay (and nervy to charge) as opposed to the concerts I’ve been to. This weekend I’m seeing The Wonder Years three times, along with three openers each night – nine more bands – for $60. Maybe it’s just because these bands are smaller, which they are, but I also just like the general vibe of pop punk that you shouldn’t have to be paying ridiculous amounts of money to go see your favorite band. Keep the scene alive.

3 – Absolute Punk: Most Anticipated Albums of 2015

This is a broader list, but I thought it was really cool to think ahead to this whole year and see what could be coming and what to look forward to. Albums usually just come out of nowhere for me, except for the bands that I really keep tabs on, so this was a nice comprehensive overview of things to come in 2015. I’m excited for: All Time Low, Brand New (?!?), State Champs and The Wonder Years.

4 – Billboard: Top 10 New School Pop-Punk Bands You Need To Know

I haven’t listened to all of these, but some of my most recent faves made the cut – Modern Baseball, State Champs and Real Friends. It’s always fun to see bands develop over time, one day you’re seeing them as a random opener that nobody knows and a few months later their album is the only thing you can listen to.

5 – Buzzfeed: 36 Pop Punk Albums You Need To Hear Before You F——ing Die

A long list, but it includes some really good and underrated albums that are important the culture of pop punk. I don’t know why it has to be “before you f——ing die,” but nonetheless, worth checking out. I appreciated Good Charlotte breaking the top 10.

6 – Alternative Press: 19 albums we can’t believe turn 10 this year

Even though I’m 19, this list still made me feel kinda old. I grew up listening to From Under the Cork Tree, All We Know Is Falling, Move Along and A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out. It’s crazy that they’ve been around for almost half of my life.

Bonus link!

A little self-promotion – I had fun with Storify and made one detailing The Wonder Years’ first night of their 10 Year Anniversary shows. Relive the magic over and over again.

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