Stories from the Pit: On Having a Perfect Show

While the phrase “perfect show” vaguely reminds me of the “perfect week” referenced in How I Met Your Mother, I assure you it’s much less inappropriate.

I’m pretty sure this phenomenon is something I made up myself, some sort of weird thing I kinda became obsessed with for a while.

So what is a perfect show? A perfect show is going to a concert and not having a single thing go wrong. And believe me, if you’ve ever been to a concert, so many things can go awry. From the crowd to transportation, one little snafu can put a damper on the whole night.

This article from the Los Angeles Loyolan definitely highlights some elements that are important to having the night go well – make friends around you, enjoy the show without your phone.

My perfect show was this past Halloween. I went to go see The Wonder Years at the Sands Bethlehem Event Center. I knew it was going to be awesome from the second I bought my ticket. It was my favorite band, in my college hometown, on Halloween, on the last night of the tour. How could that get any better?

I went with my friend, Austin, who I had introduced to The Wonder Years a few months ago. We got dressed up in our costumes and had a friend drive us literally down the street from our school to the venue. Since it’s also a casino, we had some trouble finding the venue, but I’m sure glad we did.

As we rounded a corner, we almost ran head on to the lead singer of the band. Casual. I remember saying, “well you probably know where the show is.” He helped point us in the right direction and took photos with us – I was ridiculously dressed as a vampire and Austin as a zombie football player, but it was ok.

From VIP acoustic yesterday. Awesome night. #thewonderyears   A photo posted by Samantha Tomaszewski (@samantha.tom) on

Accidentally meeting the lead singer before we even get into the damn venue. It was a pretty lucky day.

We had VIP tickets, an amazing thing I detailed in one of my earlier posts, which means we got early entry, an acoustic VIP session, a Q&A and some cool swag. It’s not every day I get to sit literally at the feet of my favorite band.

They played some awesome songs and answered questions. It’s just a really cool, different experience from their live show. It’s great to actually get to hear the band so natural and get to appreciate the instruments and their voices.

And since we had early entry and sat right at the front of the crowd – we were able to sprint right to the barricade after it ended.

The only two low points of the show were getting shoved against the barricade and the first opening band, Gnarwolves.

Last night was rad. Sixth time’s the charm. #thewonderyears A photo posted by Samantha Tomaszewski (@samantha.tom) on

But otherwise, the other two bands were also ones I liked. Which is always awesome when you go to a show, because then you’re not just waiting for the main act. It was Modern Baseball and The Story So Far. Since it was Halloween everyone dressed up in costumes which was great. The Wonder Years dressed up as breakfast foods and it was wonderful.

They even held a costume contest during The Wonder Years’ set, which, by the way, was awesome. I screamed my face off the whole time. The setlist was perfect. And speaking of the setlist, I got one for the first time in my concert experience. I asked the security guard for one as the last song was ending. It’s hanging up next to my bed and it’s one of my favorite concert things I have.

So that’s pretty much it, the short version, at least. The perfect show. Met the band, saw the band – twice, was really close to the stage, didn’t get hurt, didn’t have any rowdy crowd members, didn’t get in a fight, didn’t have someone try to edge in front of me, didn’t get there late, didn’t feel sick (that happens to me more than I like), got a setlist, got good photos.

I guess that may sound kind of simple when it’s broken down into that – but so often one of these small things can really throw off the night. This night, everything went right and it was the best feeling in the world.

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