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Nick Steinborn (via flickr/Lauren Obadiah)

While going through r/poppunkers the other day, I came across a thread on a video of The Wonder Years performing one of their really old songs, “Bout to Get Fruit Punched, Homie,” from their 10 Year Anniversary shows. One of the members of the band got into some conversations on the thread that I haven’t seen reported anywhere, so I thought I’d do a little summary.

The title of the post says that “the easycore revival is definitely happening in 2015,” to which Nick Steinborn, guitarist and keyboardist for The Wonder Years, commented: “Don’t worry. The new record couldn’t be further from ‘EZ’. Look to someone else for that shit.”

In response to a user asking him what’s wrong with easycore, he said: “Nothing, really. I didn’t intend for the ‘shit’ to be insulting. I find a lot of it to be cheesy, but I like a lot of SYG and FYS stuff. I wasn’t sure if you were implying that our new record is going to be easycore, but it’s pretty far from that.”

The OP then said they were kind of joking about the easycore revival and Steinborn replied that it’s just “not [his] deal.”

This is the first hints I’ve heard about the record. Alternative Press published an article about two months ago, print only from what I’ve seen, that I haven’t been able to get my hands on. So maybe there are also some more details in there (share if you read it!) but this is the first sort of murmurings I’ve heard about the record. It’s slated to come out late summer/early fall.

The Greatest Generation knocked it out of the park and is still probably my all-time favorite album, so they have a lot to live up to. (No pressure, Soupy.)

Steinborn also addressed a lot of the complaints with the setlists from the 10 year shows. A lot of fans – not going to lie, myself included – were upset that they played pretty much the same encore all three nights. Especially when there are songs like the Suburbia b-sides. (Songs Steinborn also mentioned were: Leavenhouse. 11:30., I Was Scared and Sorry, Elegy for Baby Blue, Me vs. the Highway and My Life as Rob Gordon.)

“We also really didn’t have a ton of time to practice for these so piling more songs on may not have sounded too great. We had an incredibly busy two weeks trying to finish up the record and prepare for these shows,” he said.

Once again the exciting mention that they finished their record! He said that he thinks only about a third of the room was there for all three nights, and it was the fair thing to do to play them every night for those not coming every night.

“There’s a very good chance we won’t play these songs again short of a special occasion and they absolutely won’t be played with Mikey again anytime soon,” he said. Mikey Kelly is the band’s original keyboardist, who left the band in 2009.

Steinborn also noted that practice time and memorization played into the decision as well. Learning more songs “might have made [their] brains melt,” he said.

He promised that fans will see the songs they didn’t get to on future tours and they will always get mixed into headline sets. He said that the older songs, from the album Get Stoked on It!, helped cement the special occasion, won’t be returning to the setlist and their “feelings on those songs haven’t really changed.”

“We just don’t feel they represent what the band is anymore. It’s honestly a stretch to even fit some of those older songs into a set as they sound very out of place. I’m not saying they’ll never get played again, but as we have more records that are all considerably more popular than that old record, they end up being a lull in the set. Even songs like Logan Circle have a noticeably smaller reaction than songs off Suburbia and TGG. GSOI songs would end up with a lot of blank, confused stares,” he said.

For the full conversation, check out the rest of the thread.

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