Throwback: Passing Through a Screen Door

When I saw this tweet on my timeline earlier this week, I was quite surprised that it’s been this long since this song came out. It doesn’t even feel like a throwback. I haven’t gotten sick of it yet. But I guess it makes sense, seeing as The Upsides, the band’s sophomore album, celebrated its five year anniversary two months ago.

Game time.

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TWY is currently working on recording their fifth official (so to speak) album. I feel like they just came out with The Greatest Generation, but this made me realize that it’s been almost two years – the album was released in May of 2013. Maybe it hasn’t even sunk in yet for me that’s it’s 2015.

I remember when it came out, I remember listening to it in my dad’s car. I remember listening to it while on a family vacation abroad. It was the only album I had downloaded to my phone and since I was out of the country I couldn’t get anything else. So I just listened to it over and over again and fell in love.

They have a lot to live up to in the future, following the success of The Greatest Generation. The first week sales more than doubled the sales of Suburbia I’ve Given You All and Now I’m Nothing, with a total of 19,673 copies sold. These sales placed the album at #20 on Billboard’s Top 200 chart.

So yes, maybe it’s been two years since “Passing Through a Screen Door,” but there’s more excitement to come for the band in the future.

Celebrate (belatedly) by watching the music video.

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