Tapestry Review: Creative, but not hard-hitting


This is a cool app that deviates a little from what I’ve been reviewing so far. I was under the impression that it was more of a hard news app, but it’s definitely more soft and fun. I still thought it was a find worth sharing.

It’s a storytelling app. The app description says, “Use taps, photos, GIFs and text to create beautiful tappable stories.” You start by creating a feed of different categories, seen below.

photo 1

It fills your feed with the categories that interest you, and from there you can explore other authors and stories. It can be linked through Facebook, so you can see if any of your friends read or create content.

You choose a story and you literally tap through it on your screen, hence the app name Tapestry. It incorporates a variety of mediums to tell a story. Some are simple and just include images, whereas other are very intricate and incorporate really cool animations.

When you’re done with a story, it encourages you to like the post. The heart fills up when you press down and your phone vibrates once it’s full. It’s a fun little feature.

photo 4

It’s cool that you can see the stories you’ve liked on your profile as well as your history of everything you’ve ever watched, in case you want to find it again later.

A lot of the stories are fictional or silly – I found a few that were actually informational, but they are few and far between. But anyone can create and post anything, so it leaves the door open for a variety of content.

I would love to see a news outlet attempt to take it on as a form of information sharing. It’s sort of like a visual version of Circa. You can grasp the main idea of a story quickly.

I haven’t played around too much with the story builder, but from what I looked at, it seems pretty straightforward. It looks like it could be picked up pretty quickly and would be fun to explore.

The thing that impedes its efficacy the most is the download speed. When you click on a story, it takes quite a while for it to be ready to view. I’m fairly patient when it comes to posts loading, but there have been times where I’ve given up on reading a story because it feels like it’s never going to load.

Overall it’s a cool app that takes a creative approach to telling a story. I had some misconceptions of it, but still thought it would be interesting to write about. I think it’s heading towards the kind of storytelling hard news needs to start working with.

Mobile site: The site is a little over-functional (if that’s a word) for my liking. It works pretty much the same as the app. I don’t really think it lends itself to a desktop setting. It’s fun to tap the screen on the phone to read through a story. I’d be curious to see how many people use the website, because I don’t think it’s very practical.

Free: Yes, and as I’ve said with apps before – could see extra paid content becoming a possibility.

Availability: App Store and Google Play 

Original content: Yep, it’s pretty much all original content, maybe occasionally taken from places and repurposed.

Push notifications: It offers notifications for many different categories, letting you choose mobile and/or e-mail.


Simplicity: Very, very simple in terms of navigation. When you first download the app it walks you through everything you need to know to get started. The mobile layout is really nice, fun and aesthetically pleasing. It’s not boring and is part of what kept me wanting to navigate through the rest of the app.

Recommend to: People with time to kill. This isn’t my first-thing-when-I-wake-up-in-the-morning app, but it’s fun to flip through when I have some free time. There’s some great ideas behind it and tons of creative posts to sift through.

Score out of 10: It achieves what it’s trying to do quite well, with a few bugs – so I’d give it a 7/10. It’s definitely a great idea in progress and I’ll be interested in seeing how it continues to develop in the future.

Verdict: Keep, but just for funsies.

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