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So in the photo below are some of the apps that I plan on reviewing. When I got this idea I was worried that I might not have any material, but it looks like I’ll be just fine – at least for a while. It was a lot easier than anticipated to fill a whole page on my phone.

Speaking of my phone, this is a good time to note that I use an iPhone 5. I wish I had my hands on an Android phone as well so I could check out how the apps work on those too, but unfortunately I don’t. As I understand it, applications differ slightly from platform to platform, but since my reviews are going to be more focused on how the company decides to display their information as opposed to how it runs on the particular system, I think it’ll still be applicable to all smartphone users. Once I begin reviewing, I invite those with Android phones to chime in.

You’ll see that some apps I’ve chosen are more mainstream than others, but I’m still interested in delving into the pros and cons of the content as well as the technicalities of the application itself. Just because a company produces excellent content doesn’t necessarily mean they’re going to have just as excellent app developers.

I’m on a search for the best of both worlds: effective apps with strong content. All of these apps aren’t attempting to complete the same purpose, so I’ll try my best to identify the app’s goal and then assess whether or not it completes that goal. BuzzFeed isn’t on the same playing field as CNN, but it will still be interesting to see how both approach engaging their readers. I’m curious to see if apps that don’t have corresponding websites step up their game since they’re only receiving views from smartphones, or if they don’t have their own websites for a reason.

My goal is to supply information that helps you decide which apps are best for you, which ones serve your news needs. And as the title of the blog suggests, I hope to save you some space on your phone. Which seems hypocritical given that my first post is a screenshot of a whole page of apps – this is exactly what I’m trying to help avoid. For those of you with app OCD (like me), don’t worry, they’ve all been condensed to one folder now. I’ll make sure you only have the bare necessities of what you need to still stay effectively informed.

This is also a quick way to get information on new apps or find apps you may not have heard of before without doing some research of your own. I’m doing the dirty work. Do you know the effort it takes to download an app these days? Too much, I say. In all seriousness, I hope you come to trust my assessment and know that I’m doing this for myself (technology analysis is fun!), but also hopefully for others.

I have a more extensive list than what is shown here, but feel free to comment with other suggestions, ones you’d like to see me do first, or what you look for in an app that brings you news.

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  1. I only know like 3 or 4 of these so please, do a review on as many of them as you can, I can promise you that at least I will enjoy them!

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