How to Get Attention

So even though I don’t want to, I’m going to review a more mainstream app. I’ve been trying to review smaller ones because it actually reaches an audience and gets some response.

I heard back from Circa when I reviewed their app, and actually had a Twitter discussion with the editor-in-chief and the chief content officer, because they know one of my professors. So that was pretty exciting.

I also received some feedback from Swell, which is an even smaller app. They retweeted my review and sent me a thank you e-mail for my review. They even sent a thanks to my professor who recommended the app to me and retweeted my review.

Even more surprising was when I found a tweet about a Swell review and clicked on it, only to find that it was mine. Not sure how he found it but it was pretty cool to see my writing being shared. It even got a reply from a co-creator of the app.

So I’ve learned that Twitter can go a long way in getting blog posts spread, especially for apps that have a manageable following and can reply to every tweet. I make sure to tag the app and use some hashtags in the hopes that someone will see it.

But unfortunately, I’m running out of apps – so suggestions are absolutely welcome. This ended up being a little longer than expected so I think I’ll break up my review into another post. So be on the lookout for a review of NYT Now, yes I’m going that mainstream, either later today or sometime next week.

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