NYT Now Review: Don’t Need It Right Now

So the little catchphrase The New York Times uses for this app is “Stories at the speed of life.” Clever, huh?

But I don’t really see the draw for this app. I’d rather just use the regular NYT app. Maybe they plan on expanding NYT Now more, but right now it’s very flat and doesn’t really offer much.

It gives you articles, you can read them, you can save them to a list to read later. That’s pretty much it.

It breaks the day into morning and evening briefings, I suppose the idea being that you only have to check the app twice a day to keep up with news.

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Their website says it’s “for the moments when you only have a moment.” Honestly, I don’t think it’s incredibly creative or useful much more than the app they already have. I guess it’s a slimmed down version of the NYT app.

I get the point of it, but I don’t really see it being much more useful than the regular app. It’s too middle-ground. It’s not different enough that it really changes your news consumption habit. It kinda seems like the Times’ attempt at an app like Circa without exactly copying that point-by-point news style.

Mobile site: The site just encourages you to download the app and explains what it is. It’s nicely designed and gives you a good overview of what the app is.

Free: No, this is the big catch on the app, it’s not free. There’s lots of ways to get it for free or at a low cost though, so I still would recommend spending some money to check it out if the idea appeals to you. I know Starbucks was giving out a code a little while ago that gave you free access for a while. Right now, if you subscribe NYT gives you four weeks free.

Availability: Only on the App Store right now.

Original content: Yep, NY Times content. But also some other sources.photo 2

Push notifications: Yes, the typical breaking news alerts. Actually, the only reason I might keep the app is because its breaking news alerts arrive a solid 10 to 30 seconds before the regular NY Times does. I have no clue why. 

Simplicity: Super simple. So simple that I don’t really see the point in having a separate app.

Recommend to: Those who don’t like the regular NY Times app. It’s basically the same thing, just dumbed down a little. Also you need the same subscription to use it, so it’s not really beneficial in that sense. But it’s just a more brief and condensed version of the main NYT app.

Score out of 10: 4/10, sadly. I’m a huge fangirl of the Times, but this kinda disappointed me. Maybe it’s still in the beginning stages but I just don’t see why this had to branch out and become its own app. 

Verdict: Keeping, but only because its breaking news alerts come early and I want to play around with it more as it hopefully develops more.

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