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If my reviewing pace is too slow for you, and you’d like to peruse some apps on your own time – here’s a three great lists that I’ve pulled from. Check them out and feel free to let me know if you find anything that you really like, or really dislike…

13 Great iPhone News Apps

“Whether you’re a news junkie or just interested in staying informed about current events, there are tons of great iPhone news app to help you. Choose from apps from established newspapers, TV stations, and radio networks, or experiment with new companies that digest news for you, create customized audio broadcasts, and more. Stay up to date with articles, video, audio, and breaking news alerts. These app are some of our favorites.”

10 must-have iPhone apps for keeping on top of the news

“Keeping up with the news used to be pretty simple. You picked up your favorite tabloid or broadsheet newspaper on the way to work, or tuned into a scheduled news bulletin at some point on the radio or TV.

The Internet has transformed the way in which news is created and distributed though. Keeping up with the colossal melting pot of professional news outlets, blogs and citizen journalists can be a huge headache. Where do you check first? How do you keep up when you only have a smartphone to hand?

A swathe of newsreader apps are available on the App Store, but only a small selection are worth your time and attention. Here, we run down a selection of the best supported on the iPhone.”

Apps For News Junkies

“When you’re on the go, your iPhone is never far from your hand. Being out doesn’t mean being out of touch when your device is loaded up with apps to keep you in the know. Whether it be breaking news, sports, the latest technology rumors, or getting all of your social updates in one place, these apps keep you in the loop.”

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